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Germs “R” Us’ on the front, “The terrain is all, the germ is nothing!” on the back.

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Your Cure For Cancer

Your Life, or the life of someone you love, can be totally changed by this book

"Cancer is a symptom of immune system failure. The immune system can be restored to health and the cancer symptoms eliminated. A medical School Professor, a spritual teacher, and a pioneering physician bring this life-saving message, based on well-documented scientific research and on a lengthy medical experience in Europe, Asia, and North America."




”Medical Conspiracy in America” (2009) by

Harvey Bigelsen, M.D. Find out why your insurance doesn’t pay for alternative treatments, how the American Medical Association controls your freedom to choose your health care, and what forced Dr. Bigelsen to relinquish both his homeopathic and allopathic medical licenses.

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Harvey Bigelsen, MD

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You can control your health with this book.

All Diseases are a process with their own unique fingerprint. Holographic Blood explains the patterns of disease. Catch the disease before it is manifested, and you have controlled your health. Where do you fit in the pattern? This book gives you the tools to answer these questions.

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“Messages in the Blood”

You won’t believe the messages the blood holds, until you see them for yourself!! Fascinating images from the microscope of Dr. Harvey Bigelsen.

18 pages of images with short descriptions.

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Bigelsen’s new book, “Doctors are More Harmful Than Germs” and learn about: the role surgery plays in causing disease, how inflammation both helps and hinders the healing process, and why you are sick and what you can do about it.

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